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    • Evaluating the Surface Layer Wind Profile in the WRF 

      James, Robert Stephen (2014-12)
      The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how the surface vertical wind profile responds to different planetary boundary layer schemes in computer models. Local surface roughness is one of the elements represented in ...
    • A Foundation for Cyber Experimentation 

      Stoner, Evan Lawrence (2015-05)
      Despite the variety of environments and tools available to computer scientists performing cyber experimentation, the community lacks a single cohesive platform that is capable of unifying these tools across environments ...
    • Long-term Effects of Response Cards on Student Engagement and Academic Performance by Students with Disabilities 

      Shubert, Deidra Nicole (2015-05)
      This study examined the effects of response cards on student engagement and academic performance during math instruction. Students in a middle school classroom for students with emotional and behavior disorders (EBD) received ...
    • Decreasing Bouts of Prolonged Sitting Among Office Workers 

      Green, Nicholas (2015-05)
      Health care costs of preventable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and obesity are higher than ever, and indicate the need for behavioral interventions. Research has shown that individuals who ...
    • Testing a Model of the Relationship of Demographic, Affective, and Fitness Variables to Academic Achievement among Non-Science Majors at an Independent University 

      Dutra, Andrew Martin (2015-05)
      The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of specific attributes of college students to their academic achievement at an independent university in central Florida. Academic achievement was measured as ...
    • Consumers’ Trust in Pilots Based on Pilot’s Preference for use of Breathalyzer in the Cockpit 

      Reid, Katie Marie (2015-05)
      Trust has been studied across disciplines for years, with the focus looking at trust between individuals, between individuals and organizations, and between organizations (Lee & See, 2004). Establishing trust between ...
    • Formula SAE: Powertrain 

      Scott, David; Manke, Mark; Alhosani, Ahmed; Alamri, Mohamed; Cherry, Pablo; Alhenaki, Mohammad; Al-Shaibani, Fahad; Zenga, Jordan; Romero, Ashlin
      Engine Choice: 2007 Honda CBR600RR •Displacement – 599cc •Cylinders – x4 •Estimated HP – 91 hp •Peak Torque – 59 Nm •Induction – Naturally Aspirated •Compression Ratio – 12.2:1 •Fuel Injection System - DENSO Port ...
    • Formula SAE: Chassis 

      Diego, Ramirez; Aljeemaz, Sager; Kunicki, Kevin
      The Chassis Sub-team designed a Chromoly 4130 Steel Space Frame around a Honda CBR 600RR, suspension points, and the Formula SAE 2015 rules, using Solid Works. The Chassis Sub-team had to find the optimum balance between ...
    • Florida Tech Drag Racing 

      Coppola, Vincent; Preston, Robert; Sparks, Ryan; Woll, Stephen
      This project seeks to design, engineer, and test a safe and reliable drag racing vehicle that is both innovative and unique from a Mechanical Engineering standpoint. Each team member was responsible for an individual ...
    • Formula SAE: Aerodynamics and Body 

      Alyami, Ibraheem; Harrinanan, Vivic; DeCosta, Cody; Bahamdain, Omar; Aldahas, Mohammed; Alshoukri, Ahmed
      Light weight Carbon Fiber structure Lower Sides mean better egress improved and down force Body and Side Pods designed using CFD -Maximum Down Force -Minimum Drag Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Structure Integrated ...
    • Formula SAE: Suspension 

      Alfaro, Gerardo; Alsuwaid, Mohammad; Jaramillo, Manuel; Kania, Blair; Lotfy, Karim
      The Suspension Sub-team focused it's design decisions for the FP-15 around ensuring the tires stay in optimum contact with the road.
    • Wing Tip Vortex Reduction 

      Seliquini, Sky; Azelis, Augustus; Al-Sulaiti, Mohammed; Kasyanju, Ambonisye; Lopez, Vanessa; Al Metwali, Mohammed; Vogel, Noah; Fry, John
      Winglets are used vastly in commercial jets. The main purpose of a winglet is to minimize the vortex effect forming at the tip of the wing in result to the transition between higher pressure and lower pressure. The main ...
    • The Fluidizer (A Sand Management Device) 

      Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Le Merdy, Thibaud; Searcy, Shaun
      Upon each deployment of The Fluidizer, the team found ways to improve the efficiency of deployment, function, and removal of the system. at that depth. Improvements included: •Removal of the main frame previously located ...
    • FLUME* – Recirculating Water Tank 

      Le Merdy, Thibaud; Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Searcy, Shaun
      All objectives were successfully achieved and even more. It was seen that the model flume could simulate vessel going up to 22 knots instead of 12 knots. Laminar flow was visually observed over time. Then, by increasing ...
    • Remotely Operated Sea Crawler (ROSCo IV) 

      Corbet, M.; Hackett, T.; Houser, S.; Kesselring, C.; Liljegren, P.; McKaige, K.; Pumphrey, M.
      The objective of this project was to continue the multidisciplinary design of a durable sea crawler system that would be able to undertake seafloor missions where divers are not able to explore due to physical limitations. ...
    • TOMCAT ROV and Mobile Operation Center 

      Corbet, M.; Hackett, T.; Houser, S.; Kesselring, C.; Liljegren, P.; McKaige, K.; Pumphrey, M.
      The objective of the TOMCAT Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is to assist in underwater archeological missions featuring wide range of maneuverability, live feed at the surface, and a claw able to cut cable or rope in ...
    • Solar Boat 

      Burghardt, Brandon; Le Merdy, Thibaud; Palaschak, Brett; Brusnigham, Riggs; Flondro, Ashley; Rabenold, Jon; Casiraghi, Gianmarco; Dube, Joshua; Alkhalaf, Majed
      The solar boat is designed and built to compete in a world cup race in Monaco. The boat serves to further the knowledge and awareness of solar powered technologies, innovations and sustainable alternative energies and keep ...
    • Framework for Open-Source Software Update Mechanism: Resistance to Stacking the Deck Attack 

      Alhamed, Khalid (2015-05)
      Currently many users trust open-source binaries downloaded from repositories such as,, and As with any system connected to the Internet, such repositories can be subject to attacks ...
    • Sekai: Cultural Understanding Tool 

      Manzotti, Kevin; Singhchawla, Vasudev; Wock, Dylan; Terol Tolsá, Patricia
      Sekai is a cross platform tool that aims to mitigate misunderstandings in the interaction between people from different countries due to cultural differences.
    • Search and Rescue Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

      Olson, Jake; Barbera, Mike; Ooi, Brendan; Arledge, Nathan; Maia, Fabio; Cosgrove, Evan; Casciola, Niko; Mohamed, Mohamed; Deans, Xori; Bader, Oron
      The current technology that exists to successfully locate a missing person in the vast wilderness of a National or State Park has not changed much within the past few decades. Although search and rescue UAVs currently ...