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  • Poly[aqua(μ-vinylphosphonato)cadmium] 

    Knight, Douglas Andrew; Congiardo, Laura K Byington; Mague, Joel T.; Funk, Aaron R.; Yngard, Ria A. (2011-04)
    The title compound, [Cd(C 2H 3O 3P)(H 2O)] n, was obtained from vinyl-phospho-nic acid and cadmium nitrate. The vinyl groups project into the inter-lamellar space and the structure is held together via van der Waals forces. ...
  • Visible-light activatable organic CO-releasing molecules (PhotoCORMs) that simultaneously generate fluorophores 

    Peng, Ping; Wang, Chaoming; Shi, Zheng; Johns, Valentine K.; Ma, Liyuan; Oyer, Jeremiah; Copik, Alicja; Igarashi, Robert; Liao, Yi (2013-07-31)
    Novel organic photoCORMs based on micelle-encapsulated unsaturated cyclic α-diketones were designed and synthesized. These photoCORMs can be activated by visible light, have potentially low toxicity, allow the delivery of ...