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  • Comparing the Effect of Smoothing and N-gram Order : Finding the Best Way to Combine the Smoothing and Order of N-gram 

    Zhang, Wenyang (2015-03)
    The SRILM is a toolkit for building and applying statistical language models (LMs), designed and developed primarily for use in speech recognition, statistical tagging and segmentation, and machine translation. It has been ...

    Manene, Franklin Muriuki (2014-12)
    This work contributes to critical requirements for antenna-coupled detection applications: 1) large capture cross section with design control of angular response and 2) long propagation lengths of complex signals. ...
  • Infrared Leaky-Wave Antenna Coupled Bolometer 

    Premkumar, Navaneeth (2014-05)
    A four-element infrared leaky-wave antenna coupled bolometer was investigated with the goal of characterizing signal extraction as a long wave infrared (LWIR) detector. Simulations were carried out using Ansys HFSS. ...
  • Cell phone activated access control system 

    Alshathri, Nawaf; Aldosari, Faraaj; Alshehhi, Ali; Alhashmi, Abdulazeez
    Our project is Door Unlocking System consists of Hardware as well as Software. First Level of Protection is done by Android Application. Second Level of Protection is done by RFID and it Opens the lock. System can also ...
  • King Park Indicator 

    Nguyen, Jimmy; Davis, Miles; Merritt, John
    The project will use a fiber optic sensor embedded in a protective mat to detect a moving vehicle and classify it. The fiber optic cable will work as a microbend sensor and be designed to provide recordable attenuation ...
  • Rotating LED Display 

    Shamsah, Mohammad; Alhamed, Kassim; Meer, Abdulrazzaq; Al Loughani, Mohammad
    The Rotating LED Display is a group of LEDs that are connected as a straight line. The LEDs blink so fast that when they are rotated, they create an image that the human eye can see. This concept is called Persistence of ...
  • Trolley Monitoring System 

    Adadevoh, Joshua; Umeh, Emeka; Richard-Obire, Stephanie
    The project involves building a software system to send mobile alerts to users when the Florida Tech Trolley is nearing their signed-up location. The users will be able to sign up for alerts and notifications for a ...
  • Search Bot 

    Peña-Pabon Roque Pabon, Alejandro; Castro Rosales Garcia Contiveros, Manuel G.
    The purpose of the project is to create a versatile search robot. The robot will use a camera, as well as multiple sensors to survey the environment. Used mainly for military or in situations not suitable for humans.
  • Android Home Automation 

    Almazrouei, Ahmed; Almansoori, Sayah; Al Neyadi, Abdulla
    Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 (cm) • Controlled using an Android Application • Controlling up to 3 appliances. • 2 : On/Off • 1 : Speed/Brightness control • Application interface: • Two sets of radio buttons: On/Off for ...
  • Security Patrolling RC Car 

    Alsaraf, Abdullah; Alkhalaf, Majed; Alenezi, Omar
    The project’s idea is a remote control car that is accessed using an android app via Wi-Fi. The app has two main choices.
  • Voice Controlled TV 

    Alshatti, Yousef; Alshamisi, Ahmed; Alqabandi, Khalifah; Almatham, Mohammed
    The voice controlled TV as we are designing is a system that can recognize voice commands and is independent of any speaker and can control a Television. There will be some keywords that are selected for the system to ...
  • E-parking 

    Alshehhi, Khalifa; Alshehhi, Mohamed; AlBlooshi, Mohamed; Almansoori, Ahmed
    In this project a design and implementation of auto pay parking system using RFID (Radio-frequency identification), the aim of this system is to develop a device which calculate the time of parking for each car and send a ...
  • Interactive Scrollbar 

    LaFredo, Matthew A.
    An array of 16-Segment LEDs are illuminated in a scrolling marquee sequence that is selected by the user. The software portion consists of a user interface in the form of a LabView application which sends digital outputs ...
  • Tesla Tunes 

    Leach, Dalton; Campbell, Connor; Chen, Lin; Bressler, Jeremy
    Tesla Tunes is a student designed project whose goal is to design and build a musical Tesla Coil. This musical Tesla Coil is controlled using a computer that is connected to an arduino uno. The arduino uno is then connected ...
  • Communication Remote Information Transmitter 

    Maddox, Evelyn; Fink, David; Jarrell, Scott; Shaw, Stayton
    CRITR will be driven wirelessly to a point of interest. A laser beam will be directed back to the user containing information.
  • GPS Sun tracking Solar Panel 

    Alyammahi, Ahmed; Alsaif, Abdullah; Alfi, Hussam; Alqahtani, Abdulaziz
    The concept of our project is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) controlled Sun Tracking System and the name of our model is GPS CONTROLLED SUN TRACKING SYSTEM. The solar panel will directed towards sun in order ...
  • Voice Controlled Robotic Arm 

    Barla, Abhishek
    The Voice Controlled Robotic Arm (VCRA) is, as the name suggests, a robotic arm that picks up a block from one place and drops it at another, using voice commands. The robotic arm is connected to a PC using a USB. On the ...
  • KnowSmart 

    Chow, Andy; Cruz, Kristoffer; Dillon, Johnathan; Lindenmayer, Michael; Santilli, Casey
    KnowSmart is our team's innovative approach towards implementing smart house technology that is quickly emerging on today's market. Management of the home is done by a central command server. Multiple modules on devices ...
  • Linear Inductive Position Sensor 

    Clark, Brittany; Vreeland, Erin
    The aim of this project is to create a linear position sensor with an accuracy of 1 μm. Two 'driving' inductors are powered by a frequency generator with a magnitude of 4.5 V and a frequency of 1.5 kHz. The inductors create ...
  • Optical Seismometer 

    Cornelis, Jack; Kemmerer, Matthew; Schluter, Taylor
    Seismometers are a critical part of the global infrastructure for monitoring seismic activity for a variety of applications. A cost-effective solution for seismic activity detection that will overcome conventional electro-mech ...

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