Recent Submissions

  • Towards a Usable-Security Engineering Framework for Enhancing Software Development 

    Hausawi, Yasser M. (2015-05)
    Computer systems are fundamental tools for almost every single process in life. People from all over the globe use computer systems for an unlimited number of purposes. Consequently, a close relationship between people ...
  • A Foundation for Cyber Experimentation 

    Stoner, Evan Lawrence (2015-05)
    Despite the variety of environments and tools available to computer scientists performing cyber experimentation, the community lacks a single cohesive platform that is capable of unifying these tools across environments ...
  • Framework for Open-Source Software Update Mechanism: Resistance to Stacking the Deck Attack 

    Alhamed, Khalid (2015-05)
    Currently many users trust open-source binaries downloaded from repositories such as,, and As with any system connected to the Internet, such repositories can be subject to attacks ...
  • Sekai: Cultural Understanding Tool 

    Manzotti, Kevin; Singhchawla, Vasudev; Wock, Dylan; Terol Tolsá, Patricia
    Sekai is a cross platform tool that aims to mitigate misunderstandings in the interaction between people from different countries due to cultural differences.
  • Big Data Medical Diagnostics System/ 

    Beavers, Tabitha; Binns, Andrew; Wells, Michael
    Misplaced ECG leads are estimated to be the cause of as much as 4% of misleading results1 given to patients, occasionally causing fatalities^2. This project seeks to replace current leads with a pad of ECG electrodes, ...
  • Florida Tech Mars Rover Robotic Arm and Controls Systems 

    Bernard, T.; Zarlenga, C.; Rolins, A.; Troshchenko, A.; Ward, S.; Miller, J.; Buchala, K.; Dominguez, A.; Breshnahan, M.; Copeland, J.; Sanders, W.
    Robotic arm must be able to lift a maximum load of 5 Kg •The robotic arm must be able to reach anywhere between ground level and a meter above ground level •The robotic arm must have the ability to grasp and actuate ...
  • Mobile Attendance Application 

    Almazrouei, Ebrahim; Gonzalez, Alexander; Lopez, Constantine; Weber, Gerard
    Goals •Improve the process of taking attendance •Give instructors easy access to attendance data •Develop a simple interface for both students and instructors
  • Employee Scheduling for Small Businesses 

    Polanski, Miles
    Small businesses must overcome daily struggles in order to survive in a competitive environment. One of these complex but necessary tasks is the scheduling of employees into shifts. By using a customized Constraint ...
  • Stroke Based Pen to Text 

    Powers, Kasey; Wehner, Dominique
    Using pen input with tablets still has its challenges, the majority of tools available are either too slow or inaccurate for daily use. Tasks like taking notes for class in a quick and legible way are impractical. Drawing ...
  • Mobile Applications for Livy’s Hope 

    Alnofal, Ali; Almazrouei, Manea; Lemieux, Heather; Strasser, Heather
    Livy’s Hope is an organization focused on raising epilepsy awareness and supporting children with medical needs. Every year in July they run a nationwide event called “Lemonade for Livy” in which Lemonade stands are set ...
  • Appointment Cancellation Re-Scheduling Application 

    Aldurayhim, Yasir; Zhao, Boxiong; Maris, Andrew; Alharbi, Mishal
    The main idea of this project is to create commercial android applications to solve the issue of late cancellations and rescheduling in private practices. These applications will ease the difficulties of both client and ...
  • Showrunner 

    Doran, Casey; Knight, Sam; O'Farrell, Logan; Tasher, Aral
    Taking inspiration from the blend of art and technology present in modern theatre, ShowRunner is a suite of software designed to enable automation of multimedia systems typically operated as part of a larger ensemble. It ...
  • Fish Book 

    Bianchi, Douglas
    The purpose of Fish Book is to test the application of Shape Matching with Shape Contexts to the identification of different fish species.
  • AppVeil: Controlling Android App Permissions 

    Berringer, Joseph; Fostiropoulos, Iordanis
    Our project lets you take any Android app and change the way it can access sensitive information and features on your device. You can block these features, making the target app obtain false information like “your contacts ...
  • A combined method for segmentation and registration for an advanced and progressive evaluation of thermal images 

    Barcelos, Emilio Z.; Caminhas, Walmir Matos; Ribeiro, Eraldo; Pimenta, Eduardo Mendonça; Palhares, Reinaldo Martinez (2014-11-19)
    In this paper, a method that combines image analysis techniques, such as segmentation and registration, is proposed for an advanced and progressive evaluation of thermograms. The method is applied for the prevention of ...
  • Using Variations of Shape and Appearance in Alignment Methods for Classifying Human Actions 

    Almotairi, Sultan Mohammad (2014-11)
    In this dissertation, we address the problem of recognizing human-action from videos. The recognition aims at recovering action information from the image sequences using different features such as variations of the human ...
  • A crisis management approach to mission survivability in computational multi-agent systems 

    Carvalho, Marco; Byrski, Aleksander; Kisiel-Dorohinicki, Marek (2010)
    In this paper we present a biologically-inspired approach for mission survivability (consideredas the capability of fulfilling a task such as computation) that allows the system to be aware ofthe possible threats or crises ...
  • Machine learning for computer security 

    Chan, Philip K.; Lippmann, Richard P. (2006-12)
    The prevalent use of computers and internet has enhanced the quality of life for many people, but it has also attracted undesired attempts to undermine these systems. This special topic contains several research studies ...
  • Distributed GUI testing of iOS applications with HadoopUnit 

    Dechokul, Krissada (2014-05)
    Smartphones have become an important medium of communication for millions of people. They have come to expect high-quality mobile applications, which have increased the importance of software testing in modern ...
  • Overcoming Hard Problems in Software Testing with Testing as a Service 

    Floss, Brianna (2014-05)
    Software testing is a crucial phase of the software development lifecycle, responsible for assuring that the system under test meets quality standards, requirements, and consumer needs. Unfortunately, software testing is ...

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