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      airport management, airport managers in Norway, career development, career satisfaction, factoring influencing career choice [1]
      ASD, autism spectrum disorder, parenting stress, caregivers, relationship satisfaction, psychosocial variables, perceived competence, treatment impact, family centered approach [1]
      Aviation, Trust, Trustworthiness, Breathalyzer, Aircraft, Consumers, Passengers, Pilot, Cockpit, Commercial, India, United States [1]
      behavior disorders, academic performance, response cards, student engagement, academic performance, classroom management [1]
      Big data. [1]
      Communication networks, Exit time, First passage time, Fluctuation theory, Independent and stationary increment processes, Marked point process, Marked random measure, Marked random walk, Network models, Operational calculus, Poisson process, Probability, Random walk, Renewal process, Renewal theory, Ruin time, Stochastic networks, Sums of independent random variables, Stochastic analysis, Stochastic system simulation [1]
      Cyclones--Tropics [1]
      Doppler radar [1]
      Metasurface, Normal Mode Splitting, Metamaterial, Coupled Resonates, PMMA, Fano Resonates, Phonon Resonate, Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption, Vacuum Rabi Splitting, Babinet’s Principle, Plexciton, Exciton-polaritons, Temporal Coupled Mode Theory, Coupled Pendulum Oscillators [1]
      Meteorology [3]
      MODIS (Spectroradiometer) [1]
      Ocean temperature--Florida--Remote sensing [1]
      Open access publishing. [1]
      prolonged sitting, sedentary behavior, prompting, feedback, goal setting, bouts, occupational health [1]
      Research libraries. [1]
      Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Earth sciences::Atmosphere and hydrosphere sciences::Hydrology [1]
      Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Earth sciences::Atmosphere and hydrosphere sciences::Oceanography [1]
      Science and technology libraries. [1]
      SJT, validity, reliability [1]
      Winds--Measurement [1]