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    • Factors Leading to a Satisfying Career in Airport Management: Evidence from Airport Managers in Norway 

      Holdø, Eirik (2014-05)
      The purpose of this study was to identify factors that influence a person to choose airport manager as a professional career and how these factors relate to the level of satisfaction the person experiences with this career ...
    • A faster technique for distributed constraint satisfaction and optimization with privacy enforcement 

      Silaghi, Marius Cӑlin (2004-01-20)
      A problem that received recent attention is the development of negotiation/cooperation techniques for solving naturally distributed problems with privacy requirements. An important amount of research focused on those ...
    • First excess levels of vector processes 

      Dshalalow, Jewgeni H. (1994)
      This paper analyzes the behavior of a point process marked by a two-dimensional renewal process with dependent components about some fixed (two-dimensional) level. The compound process evolves until one of its marks hits ...
    • First measurement of Bose-Einstein correlations in proton-proton collisions at √s=0.9 and 2.36 TeV at the LHC 

      Khachatryan, Vardan; Sirunyan, A. M.; Tumasyan, A. R.; Baarmand, Marc M.; Guragain, Samir; Hohlmann, Marcus; Kalakhety, H.; Mermerkaya, H.; Ralich, Robert M.; Vodopiyanov, Igor (2010-07-13)
      Bose-Einstein correlations have been measured using samples of proton-proton collisions at 0.9 and 2.36 TeV center-of-mass energies, recorded by the CMS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The signal is observed ...
    • A first passage problem and its applications to the analysis of a class of stochastic models 

      Abolnikov, Lev; Dshalalow, Jewgeni H. (1991)
      A problem of the first passage of a cumulative random process with generally distributed discrete or continuous increments over a fixed level is considered in the article as an essential part of the analysis of a class of ...
    • First passage processes in Queuing system MX/Gr/1 with service delay discipline 

      Abolnikov, Lev; Dukhovny, Alexander M.; Dshalalow, Jewgeni H. (1992-02-01)
      This article deals with a general single-server bulk queueing system with a server waiting until the queue will reach level r before it starts processing customers. If at least r customers are available the server takes a ...
    • First results on terrestrial gamma ray flashes from the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor 

      Dwyer, Joseph R.; Briggs, Michael S.; Fishman, Gerald Jerry; Connaughton, Valerie; Bhat, P. Narayana; Pačiesas, William S.; Preece, Robert D.; Wilson-Hodge, Colleen A.; Chaplin, Vandiver L.; Kippen, Marc Marc (2010-07-30)
      The Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected 12 intense terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGFs) during its first year of observation. Typical maximum energies for most of the TGFs are ∼30 ...
    • Fish Book 

      Bianchi, Douglas
      The purpose of Fish Book is to test the application of Shape Matching with Shape Contexts to the identification of different fish species.
    • Five theories of reasoning: Interconnections and applications to mathematics 

      Pease, Alison; Aberdein, Andrew (2011)
      The last century has seen many disciplines place a greater prior-ity on understanding how people reason in a particular domain, and several illuminating theories of informal logic and argumentation have been devel-oped. ...
    • Fixed point theorems for ws-compact mappings in Banach spaces 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; O'Regan, Donal; Taoudi, Mohamed-Aziz (2010-11-24)
      We present new fixed point theorems for ws-compact operators. Our fixed point results are obtained under Sadovskii, Leray-Schauder, Rothe, Altman, Petryshyn, and Furi-Pera type conditions. An example is given to show the ...
    • Fixed point theory for Mönch-type maps defined on closed subsets of Fréchet spaces: the projective limit approach 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; O'Regan, Donal; Dshalalow, Jewgeni H. (2005)
      New Leray-Schauder alternatives are presented for Mönch-type maps defined between Fréchet spaces. The proof relies on viewing a Fréchet space as the projective limit of a sequence of Banach spaces.
    • A flare in the jet of pictor A 

      Marshall, Herman L.; Hardcastle, Martin J.; Birkinshaw, Mark; Croston, Judith H.; Evans, Daniel A.; Landt, Hermine; Lenc, Emil; Massaro, Francesco; Perlman, Eric S.; Schwartz, Daniel A. (2010-04-13)
      A Chandra X-ray imaging observation of the jet in Pictor A showed a feature that appears to be a flare that faded between 2000 and 2002. The feature was not detected in a follow-up observation in 2009. The jet itself is ...
    • Flexible slosh diaphragm modeling and simulation in propellant tanks 

      Levine, Darren Vaughn (2014-05)
      Liquid sloshing and propellant distribution is an important field of research for aerospace applications such as launch vehicles and spacecraft. The propellant mass behavior can greatly influence vehicle dynamics, altering ...
    • Florida Tech Drag Racing 

      Coppola, Vincent; Preston, Robert; Sparks, Ryan; Woll, Stephen
      This project seeks to design, engineer, and test a safe and reliable drag racing vehicle that is both innovative and unique from a Mechanical Engineering standpoint. Each team member was responsible for an individual ...
    • Florida Tech Mars Rover Robotic Arm and Controls Systems 

      Bernard, T.; Zarlenga, C.; Rolins, A.; Troshchenko, A.; Ward, S.; Miller, J.; Buchala, K.; Dominguez, A.; Breshnahan, M.; Copeland, J.; Sanders, W.
      Robotic arm must be able to lift a maximum load of 5 Kg •The robotic arm must be able to reach anywhere between ground level and a meter above ground level •The robotic arm must have the ability to grasp and actuate ...
    • Florida Tech Robotic Mining team 

      Alajai, N.; Cunha, N.; Brio, M.; Dilindi, B.; Ha, R.; Frutchey, D.; Hernandez, J.; Kames, E.; Kruger, M.; Marley, C.; Lai, S.; Neiger, A.; Lu, Y.; Ni, L.; Rieder, K.; On, P.; Yang, M.; Perry, C.; Zhang, Q.; Roger, J.; Stevens, J.; Alshebl, S.
      Florida Tech Robotic Mining team is a multidisciplinary group that aims to design and build a multirobot system to compete in the 2015 NASA Robotics Mining Competition.
    • The Fluidizer (A Sand Management Device) 

      Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Le Merdy, Thibaud; Searcy, Shaun
      Upon each deployment of The Fluidizer, the team found ways to improve the efficiency of deployment, function, and removal of the system. at that depth. Improvements included: •Removal of the main frame previously located ...
    • FLUME* – Recirculating Water Tank 

      Le Merdy, Thibaud; Bennett, Savanna; Dembinski, Shane; Gencarelli, Joseph; Searcy, Shaun
      All objectives were successfully achieved and even more. It was seen that the model flume could simulate vessel going up to 22 knots instead of 12 knots. Laminar flow was visually observed over time. Then, by increasing ...
    • Foot-strike analyzer and trainer 

      Hand, Zachary
      The goal of this project is to implement a portable system that is capable of monitoring how a runner's foot interacts with the ground. It provides real-time feedback allowing the user to modify their running form to fit ...
    • Formula SAE: Aerodynamics and Body 

      Alyami, Ibraheem; Harrinanan, Vivic; DeCosta, Cody; Bahamdain, Omar; Aldahas, Mohammed; Alshoukri, Ahmed
      Light weight Carbon Fiber structure Lower Sides mean better egress improved and down force Body and Side Pods designed using CFD -Maximum Down Force -Minimum Drag Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Structure Integrated ...